Getting the Circle DNA test

I just got my sample kit for the Circle DNA test and I just had to write a blog post. The kit is packaged up really nicely in a shiny and black box. You even get a bracelet. My dreadful photo below really doesn't do it justice. I have some reservations about this test, mostly … Continue reading Getting the Circle DNA test

MECP2 indels in 23andme data

So back in August I wrote about how I was looking into discovering whether I had anything genetic underlying my Autism and other conditions. In part of my post I talked about finding some variants in my 23andme data that are apparently pathogenic. Since then I have done a fair bit of research and have … Continue reading MECP2 indels in 23andme data

ICD-11 Diagnostic Guidelines

In June 2018 the ICD-11 was published. Most sources will point you towards the Mortality and Morbidity Linearisation. This platform lists out all of the different conditions and symptoms with an associated alphanumerical code. Many of the conditions have descriptions and list out synonyms and narrower terms. These descriptions are useful for gaining a high … Continue reading ICD-11 Diagnostic Guidelines

Pure and Complex Autism

Autism is a very broad disorder including a large range of people from highly intelligent, articulate but socially awkward individuals to non verbal, intellectually disabled individuals. Under the old diagnostic manuals we had vocabulary to distinguish different groups and this was useful because the needs and expectations of these different groups are different. The articulate … Continue reading Pure and Complex Autism